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If you're looking to rent either of our studios for a video shoot, please email with the following information:  total number of people on set, rental length (including putting the room back to the way it was set up when you arrived), whether you are looking to book a videographer or already have your own, and any other relevant information you might have.

Small personal shoots of up to 5 people in the room, rehearsal footage, and solo self tapes qualify for our discounted filming rate which is equal to our rehearsal rate, so if that's the case, you can book online.  


Auditions can only be be held in Studio A.  We allow auditions for up to 60 people at one time in Studio A.  Due to fire codes, we can not have people waiting in our hallways or lounge. All dancers waiting to audition must wait outside of the building. You are responsible for having enough of your own staff at the audition to handle crowd control and registration. Please email if you would like to hold an audition in our space.


If you would like to rent either studio for a training program on a recurring day and time, please contact with the following information:  Expected/maximum number of dancers in the program, days and times that would work for you, exact hours you would be renting, and a general explanation of the concept of the program. 

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